nikki geatches

Welcome – I’m so happy you’re here! 

My name is Nikki Geatches and I’m an Intuitive Empowerment coach, Emotional Alchemist, Mentor, Meditation teacher, DNA Energy healer,  Past life and Ancestry Healer, Divine Feminine and 5D Lightworker.  I'm on a mission to share my light and love into the world for humanity. 

I work with my heart and the energy of unconditional love and compassion.  Through my own journey I have experienced the lower emotions that keep us prisoner within the human experience.  Having been through the dark night of the soul to a point of ascension, I am here to act as your guide so you can do the same.

As a child I experienced freedom and joy in a nurturing community.  However, when I was 4 we moved to a bigger grander house on the outskirts of my home town; it wasn't a million miles away but it certainly felt like it.  I felt isolated - I had lost my friends my community and my freedom.  My parents had a difficult marriage and I buried myself in my imagination listening to Disney records.   

I decided "the world is a scary place and I need to stay small and hidden to survive." 


In my adult life , my intimate relationships all had a common theme, they were controlling, manipulative and possessive.  There was deceit, lack of communication and I lost myself within them.  I didn’t know who I was anymore.  Two years ago I decided to turn my back on this script once and for all.  


Don’t get me wrong; I am so grateful to every single person who has brought me kicking and screaming into knowing who I truly am.  Their intention may have been to control me so they could  feel on top or to possess me to help them feel happier about who they were.  Every experience has given me what they were seeking and I own it all.  I am complete and whole and I know myself.  


The Dark Night of the Soul is a journey to uncover all the buried feelings and emotions that have been pushed down and still reside in your body.  The loop that you’ve been on is an opportunity to dig deep, be courageous and face each emotion and the belief you have attached to it. 


And just like me you can change your beliefs and rewrite a new directive that you hold dear in your soul.  This is your truth no one else's.  


The world is no longer a scary place for me, but a place of pure joy and beauty. Every person I meet is synchronised for my growth and my learning.  I am complete and whole. I know myself and I am protected through every step of my journey. 

I am proud of my life and everyone that is in it – they have contributed so beautifully to my path and I am eternally grateful. 


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