the master class - program details


Emotional Alchemy – Let your true colours shine. 

What you get! 


This masterclass runs from Monday 3rd January 2022 to Sunday 30th January 2022 


  • Initial transformation clarity call. 

  • 4 x Masterclasses - weekly group zoom sessions. 

  • A one to one mastery transformation coaching session 90 mins. 

  • Access to my Facebook Group Emotional Alchemy. 

  • WhatsApp group for group chat and ongoing support. 

  • Masterclass journalling.  

  • Clearing ancestral lineage.  

  • Meditations for the soul. 

  • DNA activation and clearing. 

  • Chakra grounding.  

My commitment to you 


To create space without judgement and believe wholeheartedly in you.


To support you whilst you embrace your emotions and ascend through them.

To be a visionary and ascended soul committed to lighting the way .

To lead you with compassion so you can up level your vibrational energy.

To deliver inspirational guidance and provide everlasting change. 

Your commitment 


To be open and honest and pitch up each day as you are – no compromise.


To accept where you are and know that everyone is one their own journey.

To hold love for yourself in every moment whether good bad or ugly.

To listen to the group members as they are your team and your cheer leaders and you are learning from them too.

To be yourself – always! 

Are you ready to make the call to your higher self? 

Are you ready to shine in 2022 

Are you ready to write a new story in 2022? 

Are you ready to be YOU! 

The energy exchange is £1299 payable by Paypal 

Click the link below 

Once your payment is made book a Discovery Call for an informal chat about your desires moving forward.