the master class - emotional alchemy

Reading To Your Dog

I'm working with heart centred creatives to align their inner self and emotions.  As a collective we will work through these emotions by simply recognising them, feeling them, expressing them and understanding the meaning that they hold for you. From here we will move through them and alchemise the experience into greater knowledge of your souls journey.  


By working with the feminine energy of intuition acceptance and flow you will find a new paradigm to work from. A new blueprint! You'll learn to trust your inner guidance and to unlock all of your creative gifts which are waiting to be alchemised in the 3D world.  This is your power and your strength! 


Both masculine and feminine energies are essential for growth – you have both within you.  The divine masculine is dynamic logical practical and creates action.  The divine feminine is introspective intuitive supportive and goes with the flow.  Combining both of these energies creates completion in the human experience. For wholeness you need both! 


When you shut one side down you resist part of yourself – an integral part! 


My mission is to free you from the illusion that you are not enough that you are not complete.  You have everything you need within you – you are a divine being simply waiting to be fully expressed in this moment. 

Let your true colours shine. 

Is this YOU? 


  • You don’t trust yourself 

  • You are a giver, prioritising yourself last 

  • You find it difficult to express your emotions or are in a relationship where the other person doesn’t do emotions. 

  • You feel there is a high expectation of you from others 

  • You don’t feel supported or don’t have a support network 

  • You believe that vulnerability is a sign of weakness 

  • You don’t feel good enough 

  • You're feeling stuck in a never ending cycle that keeps you going round and round 

  • You often compare yourself to others and feel in despair 

  • You're practical logical and focused on doing but struggle with your inner feelings and emotions. 

  • You come from a long line of ancestors that believe men don’t show their emotions. 

  • You're often told that you're oversensitive. 

  • You feel like you’ve lost your identity. 

Would you rather experience?


  • Know who you are and be secure in yourself 

  • Simply know what's right for you 

  • You totally respect yourself and have got strong healthy boundaries 

  • You feel calm balanced and at peace 

  • You're creating balance in your body and listening to what it needs. 

  • You know your worth, your power and are accessing your divine gifts 

  • You love every part of yourself right now 

  • You're comfortable handling anything that life throws at you and seeing the truth of the experience through a compassionate lens. 

  • You see the bigger picture 

  • You know where you're going and how you want to use your gifts for humanity 

  • You feel loved supported and nourished 

  • You're proficient at identifying your emotions and responding to them in the moment rather than getting lost in the energy 

  • You're appreciating every moment and seeing it as a learning experience for understanding and growth 

  • You are making your own choices 

  • You are communicating clearly with honesty and openness and never compromising YOU 

  • You are leaving judgement behind and replacing it with child-like curiosity. 

What you get! 


This masterclass is limited to an intimate group of 8-12 people.


  • Initial Emotional Transformation Clarity Call. 

  • 4 x Masterclasses - weekly group zoom sessions. 

  • A one to one mastery transformation coaching session 90 mins. 

  • Access to my Facebook Group Emotional Alchemy. 

  • WhatsApp group for group chat and ongoing support. 

  • Masterclass journaling.  

  • Clearing ancestral lineage.  

  • Meditations for the soul. 

  • DNA activation and clearing. 

  • Chakra grounding.  

My commitment to you 


To create space without judgement and believe wholeheartedly in you.


To support you whilst you embrace your emotions and ascend through them.

To be a visionary and ascended soul committed to lighting the way .

To lead you with compassion so you can up level your vibrational energy.

To deliver inspirational guidance and provide everlasting change. 

Your commitment 


To be open and honest and pitch up each day as you are – no compromise.


To accept where you are and know that everyone is one their own journey.

To hold love for yourself in every moment whether good bad or ugly.

To listen to the group members as they are your team and your cheer leaders and you are learning from them too.

To be yourself – always! 

You only get one chance to live this life as you! So, are you ready to shoot your shot and

make it a life that’s big, bold and beautiful and totally aligned with the person you’re here to be?

Are you ready to turn up the heat and set your life on fire!