A woodland walk, oh, and a photoshoot!

This week, I had an impromptu photoshoot with the amazing Julian Mitchell, of

Although I had already already commissioned Julian to help me create some fresh imagery for my business, we had only planned to have a catch up on an autumnal woodland walk. However, I did cheekily suggest he bring his camera; and the aforementioned photoshoot was on :)

Neither of us were particularly prepared for a full photoshoot, but sometimes that just works, especially when nature is putting on such a show as a backdrop.

I have known Julian for some time now, we met through the Heart & Soul Alignment programme and we became good friends. It's great being able to support each others respective businesses. He has two amazing photography businesses and he offers website building too!

If you would like to know more about his photographic work, visit his website at: Apart from his portraiture work, Julian also has another photographic brand, which will certainly bring out your inner goddess!

For our walk, we chose the woodland around West Stow in Suffolk. Although Julian is a frequent visitor to the lakeland end of the area, I thought I'd share where Yuki and I spend our time together. Julian certainly wasn't disappointed with the walk and it was obvious he was inspired by all the photographic opportunities it presented.

It wasn't easy to get Yuki to bear his soul but Julian managed to capture his essence. This is Yuki - a white wolf full of leadership and creativity - qualities that I admire and hold dear!

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