LOVE - The positive intention in every experience.

Start to see the events in your life as an opportunity to grow and learn. By bringing gratitude into your experiences however tough or challenging you walk away from the victim mentality that leaves you powerless and paralysed. These lessons are the secret sauce that evolve your inner being to a place of new understanding and growth. The lovely moments are simply breathing space to celebrate your achievements before starting another lesson on this planet.

So be joyful and live your life fully! When life takes over, knuckle down - connect with your emotions (including anger rage resentment irritation, hatred, guilt, shame) and express them completely. Then take a breath, step back and look at the positive intention of the experience you are having. What are you learning from this set of events?

When you take ownership of your life, there is no-one to blame. The power that you previously gave away comes back to you and from here you grow and become whole. Events that leave you at rock bottom create resilience and change your experience into an opportunity to approach life in a new way.

Life is happening "for" you it is not happening "to" you.

Feel the difference when you drop into that powerful statement.

"Life is happening for me!" Say it now three times with conviction and passion.

Take a deep breath in close your eyes and drop into your body.

You are taking your power back, owning your journey and living your truth.

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