Speaking your truth

Have you ever wondered why your loved ones may be misunderstanding you? In a recent coaching session we were looking at asking for what you truly want in a relationship. It can be as a simple as setting up a new routine to create more organisation in your daily life. In this session the client wasn't acting on what she wanted because she was second guessing her husbands' response ahead of time. We explored this - looking at how did she know he was going to respond this way. The answer came from past experience and this is often how we pre-empt how someone is going to respond. The exciting realisation is that every day is a new start to experience a new response. We are all in a constant cycle of change and this includes your long term relationships just think how much you have changed yourself this year - which means we are all changing and evolving every day. So why not be curious with your partner and allow the space for the change or upgrade to happen naturally through discussion.

Asking questions is a really powerful way to find out what they think, be open to their response and work together to discuss the changes together. You may just find that your collective contribution could create something even better than you realised. Give it a go today - if you've been putting off talking about a topic close to your heart set up time together in a relaxed environment, make time for each other and put your suggestion forward, let go of the outcome and discover together what will work for both of you. Your job is simply to start the conversation and your responsibility stops there. Don't overthink it just share talk and explore together. It could turn out better than you ever imagined.


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