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Mynd deliver short guided mindfulness sessions from their unique mobile meditation space. Their qualified teachers guide each practice with an opportunity for any questions at the end of each session. Away from any unnecessary distraction their calm space is the ideal place to practise mindfulness and to help individuals de-stress, refocus and reset for the day ahead. 

Essence of Power By LVS

Within each and everyone of us there is an essence that burn bright from the  day we arrived on our beautiful mother earth. As we got older we began to forget as we got shown a different world to the world we experienced  inside us. 
Awaken that inner child as your young self still resides inside you waiting for you to pay attention to it's wants and needs for self growth. Your inner child is always calling out to you and trying to tell you what it needs to be happy and to strive but like adults once did to us we again do it to our own inner child.

Learn to tune in and communicate  with your inner essence  , as it is  there to teach you, it will be  your best teacher and friend to help you discover yourself and therefor your path. 


Julian Mitchell Photography

Based in the heart of East Anglia, Julian provides high end photographic services, broadly centred around Portraiture.

His services include private and corporate work, catering for all your portraiture requirements, from head shots, maternity, engagement shoots, family shoots, glamour, fashion, lifestyle and much more.

Julian is trained in portraiture photography, and has extensive experience in the genre, including previously being a wedding photographer.